How low can we go?

Be proud. Be very proud. We are all part of the greatest extravaganza the Earth, Solar System or even the Milky Way has seen. The exclusive Human Race. Never has anyone (at least in the immediate vicinity) ever witnessed the intelligence, resourcefulness, skill, spirit, etc. etc. etc…. that we alone possess. That is 1.8 million years in evolution to create this masterpiece of nature.

So what is so unique about us, physically we are not that prodigious, rather we are one of the frailer species of earth. But what we have is this mind of ours. At 7 times smarter than closest competition, we can build ingenious devices, compose music, share jokes, be sarcastic among many other things that no one else can do. Another thing we are very good at is remaining at the top of the food chain… by staying together. We are champions of society, staying in out towns and cities, where we terraforming our environment to keep nice and comfy and doing what few can claim… living and not just surviving. Society has caused us to innovate in so many fields which are a step higher than Maslow’s basic food, clothing and shelter.

So? Why this Blog Post?

Throughout its journey from the beginning to the end of 2015 we have changed perception, evolved, upgraded and understood. But has it been for the better? Did we go wrong somewhere?
I’ll say yes. We have lost the warmth and innocence that we might have had even 200, 100, heck even 30 years ago. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, governments are playing trick after trick to amass more money and power, the media is busy playing mind-games on the unsuspecting public, for corporations, running factories to earn money is more important that the sad situation of our delicate ecosystem (pollution.) And it is not all macro stuff, we individuals are to blame too. Clicking a selfie and posting to Facebook is more important than enjoying what you actually are doing, checking your Whatsapp instead of watching who you are about to drive into. And many, many other such insignificant things. And this precarious issue is indeed systemic.

Where have we gone wrong?


Question. If we were part of a society living in a jungle where you could be attacked by a tiger at any time, would the selfies stick ever be invented? I am guessing no. That’s the thing, our race has no external threat, only internal and mainly gratuitous internal threats/driving factors. Money, power, ego, control, you get the picture. I live in Delhi and the things I see on a daily basis is are incredible and sometimes unbelievable. It’s like focusing a flashlight into the sky expecting the light to actually reach somewhere rather than on the ground in front of you and letting it show you the path. Why did unimportant things become so critical?

A way out?

We (both as a race and individuals) need to slow down and take stock of what we are actually doing to ourselves. Money, selfies, grabbing the parking spot before the other guy, getting defense contracts, attacking other countries for oil, etc. are not why we have been on this earth to do (although generations have been doing it.) Proof of that is that the moment we get any of these things, they provide no real fulfillment. If someone earns 1 million bucks his next target is to earn more. There is no end to it! We are here to live life and to enjoy it. Let’s focus on that! If you are at a museum, enjoy the museum, forget the damn selfies! We are not the government, or the media or the corporations, but we as individuals can make sure that we enjoy life. That is in our control… better than the media’s control on millions of people.


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