The Big Bang! I Start Blogging

Bang! That’s how it all started. So why should I not? So here goes… I am Anirban and I am from India. Born in the capital city of New Delhi and brought up in abroad, in Muscat, Oman, I have been fortunate to be able to see many different peoples and cultures. After my schooling, I returned to India for my studies and then back to Delhi to start work. I like eating, sleeping, walking, sarcasm, doing the……

Enough of that. I started using YouTube many years back and follow many awesome channels starting from super-sponsored channels by big companies to small-scale but really talented Vloggers. This led me to following blogs, websites, forums and something I still can’t figure out – Reddit! My wife one day decided to start a blog and I helped her set it up. That is when I realized that these days blogging or website creation is so easy using those CMS things! So I followed suit with my own blog. Now armed with first hand blog creation experience, I can safely say that the toughest thing about starting a blog is actually deciding what the hell to actually blog about!

My Blog is called ShutterSpice. Shutter derived from the shutter of a camera. Being from India and also the Ultimate Connoisseur of Food (not really), Spice symbolizes variety. So yes, I will be blogging about photography and food? Yes, but the rabbit hole goes slightly deeper than that. The visuals I talk of need not be pictures I click but also what is seen by the Mind’s Eye. What dreams we see, what our point of view is, what fascinates us, what fears we have, how music affects us etc. So things I will be covering in my blog:

  • Photographs I click and what my Mind’s Eye sees when I click them
  • Food I really like and a few of my recipes (If I start to find you maggots worth it!)
  • Dreams people have including some really insane ones I have had
  • Awesome music that touches me and what feelings they bring out.
  • Other stuff (Top Secret)

The advantage of having a blog is 2 way communication between writer and reader. I love commenting on blogs, forums and YouTube videos and would also love comments and opinion on my posts. Feel free to do so. I am sure many of my readers will be seasoned bloggers and since I am just starting off with my first blog post, will have some pointers/advice for me. Please comment and let me know. And send me an email if you wish at

So there, I have put down whatever I had planned for my entry into the blogging world. Hope you guys like it!


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