Our Side and the Other Side… Which side are you on?

We live in a 3 dimensional world. We see everything in 2D and the only way we can know that an object is in 3D is because of our ability to change our perspective/point-of-view to see the other side. So, if there is a cube with 3 adjacent sides colored white and the other 3 black and you looked at the 3 white sides, would you know/see that this cube has 3 black sides to this cube? Not unless you changed your point of view and updated your synthetic information (assumption) with real information (existence of the back sides).

white cube
Look! A white cube. You can see just 3 sides of it. But how can you be sure that the other invisible sides are also white?

I believe our mind’s eye is similar in nature when it comes to ‘seeing’ a part and assuming the rest of things. This has so much effect on our world. And what is more alarming is that some of these dilemmas are so basic that they just need application of basic common sense to see the other side. For example, why do people run through traffic lights? They know that they can cross over quickly, but is it so difficult to see that they are risking theirs’ and others’ lives to actually do this.┬áThis applies to even relations between countries, cultures, religions, castes, etc. Essentially all over humanity.

This gets us back to the Cube. We can either assume what color the other 3 sides are and live half-blind, or shift perspective and see the ‘whole picture’ before making a decision. Which side are you on?